Box N' Burn

Santa Monica/Brentwood, CA 2015.  

Box 'N Burn Fitness Gym on the Westside of Los Angeles was in need of a drastic visual overhaul in order to keep up to date with current trends in the fitness industry.

We drew upon our background in music, sports and extreme athlete work to combine a sense of energy, passion and clean modern design to position Box 'N Burn in a way in which they are prepared for rapid expansion.

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Box 'N Burn 9AM Sat Class  - IMG_1116.jpg
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Box 'N Burn 9AM Sat Class  - IMG_1496.jpg
Box 'N Burn 9AM Sat Class  - IMG_1107.jpg
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Box 'N Burn 9AM Sat Class  - IMG_1220.jpg
Box 'N Burn 9AM Sat Class  - IMG_1227.jpg
Box 'N Burn 9AM Sat Class  - IMG_1286.jpg
Box 'N Burn 9AM Sat Class  - IMG_1431.jpg
Box and Burn 09-16-15 - IMG_2079.jpg
BNB Brentwood - IMG_5763.jpg
Box and Burn 09-16-15 - IMG_2090.jpg
Box N Burn - 2015-12-09 - IMG_3740.jpg
Box and Burn 09-16-15 - IMG_2112.jpg
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Box N Burn - 2015-12-09 - IMG_3606.jpg
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Box N Burn - 2015-12-09 - IMG_3808.jpg
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