In Production: Sky Oats Film

In 1970 the cult classic surf film "Pacific Vibrations" was released.  However, prior to this release there were many changes to the film which shaped how the public would perceive the content.  Jon Severson decided to enlist Rick Griffin and Randy Neuart in an attempt to make the film "cooler".  Randy handled all of the music duties, and Rick the artwork.  Randy in turn cherry picked musicians from throughout the Los Angeles basin to create a band dubed "Sky Oats" to perform and record the films title track.  Picking through members of Sky Oats we'll look back at the creation of the band, the sound, and the song.  Trying to rediscover what was so magical about what these musicians created when the sound engineer hit the record button.  What that moment in time was like when they all had to lay it to tape.  The rediscovery of an unknown band from over forty years ago.  Sky Oats of Los Angeles.